Easy to grow and maintain, trees play an important role in every landscape — providing privacy, shade and beauty as well as helping to lower your electricity bills. Do you want an eye-catching color display? Consider a red maple. Need some shade? How about a sycamore? Want a little more privacy? Evergreens are attractive year round. Patriot Gardens can help you pick the optimal trees to fit your needs.

Patriot Gardens’ trees are grown in specially designed root bags to promote superior root systems. Bare root trees are planted in bags filled with soil. Once the roots touch the side of bags, they pinch and create nodules, which produce small feeder roots and store valuable carbohydrates that benefit the tree during transplantation.

Benefits of Root Bags

  • Prevents damage from root circling
  • Creates healthier root structure from root pruning
  • Roots remain intact during harvesting
  • Extended harvesting season
  • Faster plant rejuvenation after transplantation
  • Weight at time of transplantation is significantly lower than a ball and burlap tree


Coniferous trees characteristically provide color and structure all year round. These trees, most of which have cones, grow upward into a triangular shape with needles that are long and pointed or small and flat. The most popular types of coniferous trees are spruce, fir and pine.


Deciduous trees are popular often because of their foliage color and interesting shapes. Depending on your selection, you may have a tree with a spectacular color display during the spring, summer and fall before the tree loses its leaves. Available in varieties of all sizes, deciduous trees lend elegance to any landscape. However, because of the varieties available, it can be confusing to choose the one right for your landscape. Talk to one of our experts and we’ll help you understand your choices so you make the best selections.