To enhance your patio and landscape, consider blending in hardscape materials with your plants. We have pavers, edgers and patio stones as well as materials for retaining walls and more in a variety of shapes, textures, sizes and colors. Let Patriot Gardens help you create your perfect outdoor living space.


Limited only by your imagination, pavers have a variety of applications to maximize your landscape. With a wide range of hues and textures available, pavers enhance the natural beauty of your environment. In addition to having design flexibility, pavers provide the strength you need to withstand traffic, water, weather and temperature extremes.


Bring out the best in your landscape by highlighting its beauty with edging. These versatile materials add extra visual appeal to your outdoor space by providing decorative boundaries between different areas of your garden. Get creative with edgers to define a natural walkway through your landscape. Use edgers to separate your lawn and gardens to prevent grass from spreading into the planting bed and to prevent mulch from spilling out of the planting bed into the lawn.

Patriot Gardens has a variety of colors, shapes and types of edgers, including brick, concrete, wood and stone, available to fit any landscape layout to create exactly the custom design you’re seeking.