Need a quick solution to fill an empty garden bed? Quick-blooming annuals may make the perfect addition. When choosing an annual, it’s important to factor in sun and shade situations and soil conditions as well as size, texture and color preferences. Our experts can help you choose the perfect annuals to fit your needs and help you create the most beautiful foliage and texture combinations. We’ll help you choose the best annuals to fill in that empty spot in your planting bed, and we can guide you to combinations to create a show-stopping planter for your porch or deck.

Combine your annuals with perennials to create a garden that provides you with vibrant color from early spring throughout the summer and into fall. Not sure what would look best for your bare spot? Talk to our experts; we have plenty of ideas.


Perennials should be a staple of every yard. Characterized by their propensity to return year after year, these plants grow bigger in time and often can be divided to be added to other spots in your landscape or shared with friends.

Although perennials are dependable and versatile, choosing the right perennials can be complicated. You must consider many factors of the site such as the sun available, wind susceptibility, water availability, the space available and the height needed. Too often, gardeners plant perennials without giving adequate consideration to the width and height to which they will grow, resulting in overcrowded planting beds. We’ll help you understand your perennial and its required maintenance so that you can choose plants that are beautiful now and will remain beautiful in the future. We have a wide variety of perennials available, including many that are drought resistant.


Vegetable gardening can be one of the most satisfying hobbies available. Whether you have an expansive plot of land to devote to your vegetables or just a pot on your patio, you can have healthy, homegrown produce. Patriots Gardens has both seed packets and healthy plants to help you get your garden started.